Development Team

Bill Linton – General Partner, Fitchburg Center/President & CEO, Promega Corporation/Member of the Fitchburg Center Development Review Committee.  Mr. Linton brings to Fitchburg Center a vision for development founded on a firm commitment to the environment. Building design, layout and quality materials reflect his perspective for the future and the community by creating meaningful spaces for people to interact in all aspects of their lives.  Mr. Linton is President & CEO of Promega Corporation.  He established the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute, a non-profit education, science, and cultural institute where he currently serves as Chairmen of the Board of Directors.  He also launched the Woods Hollow Children’s Center, providing infant through school-age childcare for business and residential communities.

Bill Dalrymple – Managing Director, Fitchburg Center. With 35 years of experience in economics, finance, and community development, Mr. Dalrymple manages operations for Fitchburg Center.   He is also the managing director of four other development companies and two associated non-profits. Mr. Dalrymple previously directed numerous development projects while living overseas for more than a decade, and served as Regional Manager for Europe for the World Council of Credit Unions and Vice President of Ontario National Bank. He was a founding member of the Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce, and continues to provide leadership to local community groups.

Steven Leverentz – Director, Finance and Marketing, Fitchburg Center.   A Graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Mr. Leverentz brings with him a background in accounting and public relations.  His experience working with financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and successful service businesses give him a unique insight and knowledge of economics and promotion.  He is a former President of the Board of Directors for the Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce, serves as Treasurer on the Woods Hollow Children’s Center Board of Directors, and helps coordinate several events Including the Agora Art Fair and Fitchburg Center Farmers Market.

Jason Hankes – Environment & Landscape Manager, Fitchburg Center. Jason brings a diverse background in natural resources to Fitchburg Center.  His work concentrates on the day-to-day management of Fitchburg Center’s green spaces including prairie expanses, hiking and cross-country skiing trails, woodlands and wetlands.   As part of the land planning team, he manages the organizations CAD files and GIS database.  Jason also serves as the Manager for the Prairie Swale Association – Fitchburg Center’s unique prairie storm water management basin.  A graduate of University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Jason has degrees in Natural Resources and Business.  He is also a certified erosion control inspector as well as a state licensed pesticide applicator.

John Harrington – Professor, Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin – Madison/Consultant to Fitchburg Center/Member of the Fitchburg Center Development Review Committee. Prof. Harrington brings his experience integrating ecological theory with the design and planning of defined landscapes; urban and rural land use; conservation, nature preserve design, natural plant community restoration and land management principles.  This provides Fitchburg Center with environmental expertise needed to create harmony between development and nature.  Prof. Harrington has served on The Wisconsin Stewardship Committee for The Nature Conservancy, the Wisconsin Executive Board of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Society for Ecological Restoration. He currently is active on the Science Board of Illinois Natural Land Institute and the U. W. Research Park Design Review Board.

Peter TanPrincipal, Senior Associate & Design Architect, Strang, Inc/Member of the Fitchburg Center Development Review Committee. With over 20 years of architectural experience, Mr. Tan specializes in master planning, and design of, corporate office, research and development, and other high-tech facilities.  His experience includes the design of facilities for The Culvers Headquarters, Electronic Theatre Controls, G. E. Lunar Headquarters, Tetrionics, Third Wave Technologies, and the MG&E Innovation Center.  Mr. Tan’s design philosophy is to create environments that successfully accommodate users needs while responding to their context of time and place by paying attention to principles of sustainable design and quality of the public realm.  Mr. Tan has a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Cornell University.  He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and has served on the City of Madison Urban Design Commission.

David RousseauPresident, Archemy Consulting Ltd, Vancouver, B.C./Consultant to Fitchburg Center/member of the Fitchburg Center Development Review Committee. David Rousseau is a sustainable urban planning and green building design consultant. His training is in environmental studies, architecture and community planning. His work spans 30 years and includes 12 years of urban sustainability consulting in eastern China. David has developed sustainable community planning and green building programs in Santa Monica USA, Seattle USA, Whistler Canada, and Shanghai China. He has also worked extensively on sustainable neighbourhood and green building demonstration projects in Canada, the US and China using advanced conservation design and renewable technologies. His practice includes neighbourhood design and zero-net buildings. He is the lead developer of the Sustainable Community Development Tool for CMHC International and is also the author of books, articles and teaching materials on sustainable design, and green buildings.

Robert MontgomeryPrincipal Montgomery Associates Resource Solutions/Consultant to Fitchburg CenterMr. Montgomery, through more than 25 years of experience as a consulting engineer, has mastered his background in hydrology and hydraulic engineering to participate in a wide variety of water resources, coastal, environmental and civil engineering projects.  Serving as the principal engineer for the Prairie Swale stormwater management and aesthetic enhancement project, he designed, permitted, and managed construction of the multi-objective restoration project for Fitchburg Center.  Mr. Montgomery continues to assist Fitchburg Center on environmental issues related to stormwater management and engineering issues related to the development.  He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Geophysical Union, the International Erosion Control Association, and the Water Environment Federation.